A powerful treatment for cellulite, resulting in smooth, firm, beautiful skin.
In modern society, we are constantly bombarded on a daily basis by stress intensifiers such as hormones, unbalanced diets, and a lack of physical activity. Unfortunately, this can result in poor circulation, unattractive cellulite, and lowered self-confidence. Due to daily stress, lack of exercise, and unhealthy diets, fat cells develop in the form of cellulite in unwanted areas of the body such as
the thighs, hips, waist, buttocks, and upper arms.

DOSHA Body Line revitalizing products help eliminate and prevent further cellulite from developing through the use of thermo-activated principles by improving local metabolism and draining unwanted fat from the area through lipolitic treatment. When used in conjunction with daily exercise and a healthy diet, DOSHA Body Line products help improve circulation and flush out cellulite in areas all over the body. DOSHA Body Line is an intensive, cost-effective treatment that is a great alternative to painful expensive liposuction. Say goodbye to cellulite!
DOSHA Body Line products help combat the unsightly dimpled skin that cellulite causes and transforms it into firm and smooth skin. Daily use of DOSHA Body Line revitalizing products will result in a slimmer figure and toned and youthful skin.

Body Firming Cream
Cellulite Treatment Cream
Cellulite Thermoactivating Cream
Firming Bust Cream
Bust Firming Lifting Mask
Aminodraining Ampoules
Bust Firming Ampoules
DP606/10ml x20A
DP607/10ml x20A
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